Where Friends, Family and Community Gather
Sixth Ward

Today’s Club has become a friendly daily gathering place, open to the general public, everyday. The 6th Ward Athletic Club was founded in Oneonta, NY in 1959.  The17 founding Club members were all advocates of fast-pitch, windmill softball. Over the years, the Club has grown to over 500 members, with greater diversity of interest among its membership.  Despite the Association’s incredible growth, the Club's mission has never wavered; "to support sport, recreational and educational causes throughout Greater Oneonta Area.”  The 6th Ward Athletic Club has been known for it generosity, contributing tens of thousands of dollars every year to worthy community causes.  The Club's headquarters, restaurant and bar are located at 22 West Broadway here in Oneonta, NY. 


Bob “the Bear” Bryant Tuesday Pasta lunches will begin on October 2nd, featuring "Chef Roberto"