The 6th Ward Athletic Association Foundation Inc will serve as a source of funds to assist in the support of local charitable and educational institutions in the Oneonta, NY area. The Foundation is specifically interested in supporting organizations and activities that are connected with youth athletics and the promotion of good sportsmanship, building good character, and making of responsible local citizens. This support will include high school student scholarships, food drives, and many other social and cultural programs for the benefit of the general public. The Foundation will also use its funds to support various public service organizations with the purpose of enhancing education, health, and community spirit in the city of Oneonta, NY.

The 6th ward has been supporting community activities for over 50 years, and looks forward to continuing to support as many activities as possible. In the past we have supported the Oneonta Boys and Girls Club, Oneonta Family YMCA, American Legion Baseball, Catskill Area Hospice, Opportunities for Otsego, as well as many others. With the help of your charitable, tax deductible donation the 6th Ward Athletic Association Foundation will continue to be able to help all of these organizations and many more for years to come. If you would like to learn more about our foundation please CONTACT any of our board members or call the club at (607)436-9136. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Board Members: 
Rick Follett - Chair
Crystal Hurlburt - Vice President
Lisa Harvey - Secretary
Rachel Jessup - Treasurer

There will be two separate and distinct areas of giving to be supported by the Foundation; grants to community programs produced by local charitable groups and student scholarships. There is a clear application process for both. The Foundation Board will be meeting monthly. It is expected that the 6th Ward Athletic Club will be the primary funder to the Foundation, but it’s the Board’s hope to grow the Foundation by appealing to individual, family and corporate donors wishing to step-up to help facilitate the good work of the Foundation.

Sixth Ward Foundation Application

Criteria for Giving

  1. Except for scholarship grants, an applicant for donated funds must be an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization.
  2. The Foundation’s geographic service area is Oneonta, NY and immediate surrounding area.
  3. An applicant must file an official Foundation application and/or scholarship application.  Foundation applications will be accepted by the first day of each month received with formal action by the Foundation within 45 days of applications receipt.  Scholarship applications must be received by April 30 of each scholarship year.
  4. Funds will be awarded based on those requests that best fit the purpose of the Foundation.  Awarded scholarships will be made at the recommendation of a three member expert scholarship committee appointed by the Foundation Board.
  5. An organization awarded Foundation funds must provide an after program report to show the program’s impact and how Foundation funds were essential to the program.
  6. Individuals receiving a Foundation scholarship must provide a short summary of their scholastic accomplishments at the close of the school year following the receipt of their scholarship.

The Foundation requires a detailed after action report to include the scope of the planned program, pre program expectations, number of people served, total cost of the program and how Foundation funds were critical to the success of the program.  The report must be received by the Foundation within 30 days of the date of the program.