Scholarship Application Guideline

Click here for an Application.These awards have been presented annually by the 6th Ward Athletic Club, in some cases, going back to the early 1970’s.  The values of their annual awards have steadily risen over time thanks to the generosity of the Club, its members and associated friends of the Club.  A three member committee of scholars developed the Club’s scholarship criteria and evaluate student applications each year.

  1. Scholarships are open and available to any student attending high school in Oneonta or Unatego and/or other nearby high schools at the discretion of the Foundation.
  2. The selection committee will be composed of a minimum of three (3) individuals appointed by the Foundation Board.
  3. Up to four scholarships of $500.00 each may be awarded each year. If less than four scholarships are awarded in any given year, the un-awarded scholarship money may be carried to be awarded in following years.
  4. The scoring system for determination of awards is as follows:
    SCHOLASTIC —- 10 points
    ESSAY —- 10 points
  5. Scholastic achievement is to be determined by high school average at the end of the first semester of the applicants’ senior year.
  6. Scholarship money will be awarded after the student has produced a transcript showing successful completion of one semester of college with a grade point average of 2.5 or better. Scholarship monies must be paid to the educational institution in the scholarship winner’s name within one year of the award date.
  7. Scholarship applications will be available at the 6th Ward Athletic Association, 22 West Broadway, Oneonta, NY, on the club website and at applicable high school guidanceoffices.
  8. Completed applications must be submitted by April 30 of each scholarship year. The scholarship year is defined as June 1 – May 31. Incomplete scholarship applications will not be considered by the Foundation.
    6th Ward Athletic Association Foundation, Inc., 22 West Broadway, Oneonta, NY 13820
    Attention: Scholarships 

    Decisions will be made by June 1. Recipients and guidance office will be notified as soon as possible after this date.

2019 Academic Scholarship Awards
Erin Stalder (OHS)
Bryn Quakenbush (OHS)
Gabriel House(OHS)
Alexa Hurlburt (Unatego)

Athletes of the Year
Ryan Packard
Taylor Microni

Dollars for Scholars
Shapri Krone

Nick Sparaco (Riverside)
Sam Hundl
Brighton Logue
Madyson Imperato
Eliza Beckerink

Kyle Rowe

Erin Stalder - OHS Academic Scholarship Award Winner

Erin Stalder - 2019 Academic Scholarship Award Winner - OHS

2019 Academic Scholarship Award Winner - Bryn Quackenbush - OHS

Bryn Quackenbush - 2019 Academic Scholarship Award Winner - OHS

2018 Academic Scholarship Award Winner - Gabriel House - OHS

Gabriel House - 2019 Academic Scholarship Award Winner - OHS

2019 Academic Scholarship Award Winner - Alixa Hurlburt - Unatego

Alexa Hurlburt - 2019 Academic Scholarship Award Winner - Unatego